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ISHTAA is a brand owned by Boutique De Emerald - A Retail Sales Unit of Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited.


ISHTAA has been promoted with the objective of marketing and selling Cubic Zirconia (CZ) studded 18 Karat Gold, hallmarked jewelry under the brand name ISHTAA, in India initially and then carry it to international markets.


  1. To be the Top Jewellery Supplier (CZ Studded, 18 Karat Gold) in the world.
  2. Always follow Transparent and Ethical business practices facilitating Customer satisfaction and increased stakeholder value.
  3. Lead the market through elegant and innovative designs while using latest and varied jewelry manufacturing technology.
  4. Consistency in delivering utmost quality standards.
  5. Adopt latest technology & IT solutions for enhancing productivity.

ISHTAA draws on manufacturing expertise from, “EMERALD JEWEL INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD” (EMERALD), leader in jewelry manufacturing since last 25 years. EMERALD has been well known for its design and finishing in whole-sale trade. Further, It is the value-system and beliefs in delivering highest quality and ethical business practices, which has made EMERALD the most revered jewelry supplier in B2B space.

EMERALD has a manufacturing capacity of 1.0 MT per month of gold jewelry, in Casting and Hand-Made categories. Apart from this, EMERALD uses state of the art machineries including CNC and highly advanced technology in Italian collaboration to deliver some of the most complicated jewelry, such as Stamping jewelry, Electroforming jewelry, Mesh jewelry, currently imported by others.

EMERALD decided to put its best efforts and resources specially dedicated towards ISTHAA to deliver an array of beautiful and creative designs with unparalleled finish.

EMERALD follows strict quality procedures surpassing international norms, controlling production variation to the minutest possible, ensuring consistent delivery, piece after piece.

That’s why, based on this confidence, ISHTAA offer lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

  1. ISHTAA was launched on 18th April, 2006 in Mumbai starting distribution in Mumbai and Maharashtra and since then has grown leaps and bounds.
  2. August 2007, ISHTAA launched Mauro’s Collection, created by well known Italian Jewellery designer Mr. Mauro Vanzi. This collection westernized the Indian jewelry forms and went on to become raze with consumers.
  3. In January 2009, ISHTAA introduced Stamping Jewellery, with very low weight, but wider designs.

ISHTAA offers its consumers Single Price - inclusive of all taxes, for any design across the country. Also, the safety nets such as buy back/Exchange are honored at the national level, a first of its kind. It means that you can buy product in one city and return/exchange in another city.


ISHTAA is present all over India with the exception of Kerala and Tamilnadu. ISHTAA has about 65 distributors and 1500 retailers servicing consumers all over India.

ISHTAA operates from its Head Office located in Mumbai overseeing country-wide network.

ISHTAA has two regional sales offices, Mumbai – West Region, Delhi – North Region. Also, ISHTAA has separate branch offices in different states offering sales, marketing and consumer services.

ISHTAA is further increasing the reach of its network by opening further two regional offices in East and South.

ISHTAA has more than 150 sales resources and about 200 Promotion resources deployed all over India.


With a commitment to 360 degree consumer satisfaction and quest for delivering highest value, ISHTAA has made substantial investments in sales and marketing processes, IT infrastructure, administrative and maintenance systems throughout the country.

As we grow, we wish to share our fruits of success with all stakeholders and customers who continuously inspire us to improve and set the goals further higher.